Motorized exoskeleton

The motorized exoskeleton consists of a motorized arm, backplate, shoulder straps and hip belt. The user's arm is placed in orthoses at the elbow joints and wrists. No residual movement in the arm or functioning nerve signals in the arm is required for use. Motors in the shoulder and elbow joints allow the user to raise, lower the bend and straighten the arm. There is also the possibility of rotation of the wrist. This allows the user to perform everyday activities such as drinking, eating and maintaining personal hygiene himself.


- Product version: Third prototype

- Assistive technology category: Orthopedic assistive technology

- Assists movement in: Shoulder, elbow and rotation of the wrist. (gripping aid is under development)

- Control mechanisms:  Can be controlled with voice, head movements, foot joystick or hand joystick. (Several mechanisms under development)

- Area of use:  Activities of daily living (eg eating, drinking, scratching).  

- Customization:  Control mechanisms and body harnesses can be adapted to the user's evolving needs and abilities

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